Who Benefits From the MRI?

The MRI is a machine that examines the inside of the body, looking for any signs of abnormalities and disease. The machine has been in the health world for quite a long time but has recently seen an update. The Open MRI machine is one that allows the same images to be taken, but does not require the person go inside of a machine to get them. Although anyone can use the open MRI machine, there are a few people who benefit from this type of Queens medical imaging more than others. Who benefits the most using an open MRI machine?

Claustrophobic Patients

If you are claustrophobic, going into one of these machines can be very frightening, and sometimes even sickening to the stomach. Even people who are not claustrophobic find the machines scary and unnerving, causing them unease. Those worries are now gone.

Obese/Overweight Patients

When the MRI machines were designed, they were made for the comforts of the average size person. But, since people come in all sizes and shapes, some patients are left out, unable to easily use these machines like others. Obese and overweight patients can use the open MRI machine and worry not of their comfort while undergoing this procedure.


Sometimes kids need an MRI, too, and when they do, more parents choose the open MRI machine now than the traditional model. Kids do much easier when they’re not forced inside of a machine. It reduces the risk of traumatizing them and helps them remain cool, calm, and collected at a scary time for a kid.

The open MRI machine certainly has an outstanding number of advantages for the patients listed above, but anyone can use this machine when the doc orders an MRI procedure. Why not use the latest and greatest in technology and feel at ease when you do?