When is it a Dental Emergency?

Sometimes you need a dentist, stat. If you suspect a dental emergency, make sure that you take your child to the emergency children’s dentist jacksonville as quickly as possible. The sooner the visit to the dentist is made, the better. But, since an emergency dentist costs more, what constitutes as a dental emergency?

A Tooth has Been Knocked Out

A knocked out tooth is an emergency that kids oftentimes experience as they go about their life playing and enjoying life nonchalantly. If this accident occurs during normal business hours, call to get an appointment immediately. If that isn’t possible, or if it is a weekend or after hours, you need to take the child into the emergency dentist to try to save the tooth.

A Broken Tooth

If the tooth breaks, this is yet another reason to see the emergency dentist. Cracked and chipped teeth can hurt, cause appearance issues and other problems, but an emergency dentist can help.

Tooth Pain Woes

Tooth pain is also an emergency in many cases. If the pain won’t subside after trying several avenues, the only other resort may be a trip to the dentist. While it is always hopeful that kids do not experience such pains, it is comforting to know the dentist is always there if they should.

Is it a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any problem that cannot wait until normal business hours or until the weekend is over. They happen often so pay attention to the signs that indicate trouble. Do not let your child suffer when there is a dental emergency on the line. If your child experiences any of the issues above or others, make sure to call the dentist at once and take your child in for care.